Sejong-si: 세종특별자치시

Sejong-si is the administrative capital of South Korea. It was established to alleviate the overcrowding in Seoul and promote balanced regional development. Sejong-si has modern urban planning and infrastructure, including the iconic Sejong Government Complex. It is a hub for government institutions, research centers, and technology companies.

Sejong-si Basic Information

  • Special(Metropolitan) City/Province En:

  • Special(Metropolitan) City/Province Ko:


Town/Village/Neighborhood in Sejong-si

EupMyunDong En EupMyunDong Ko
Garam-dong 가람동
Goun-dong 고운동
Geumnam-myeon 금남면
Naseong-dong 나성동
Nuri-dong 누리동
Dasom-dong 다솜동
Dajeong-dong 다정동
Daepyeong-dong 대평동
Dodam-dong 도담동
Bangok-dong 반곡동
Boram-dong 보람동
Bugang-myeon 부강면
Sanul-dong 산울동
Saerom-dong 새롬동
Sejong-dong 세종동
Sodam-dong 소담동
Sojeong-myeon 소정면
Areum-dong 아름동
Eojin-dong 어진동
Yeongi-myeon 연기면
Yeondong-myeon 연동면
Yeonseo-myeon 연서면
Yongho-dong 용호동
Janggun-myeon 장군면
Jeondong-myeon 전동면
Jeonui-myeon 전의면
Jochiwon-eup 조치원읍
Jongchon-dong 종촌동
Bangok-dong 집현동
Jiphyeon-dong 집현동
Hanbyeol-dong 한별동
Hansol-dong 한솔동
Bangok-dong 합강동
Haemil-dong 해밀동

Road Name in Sejong-si

RoadName RoadNameKo
Geumsong-ro 금송로
Raon-ro 라온로
Gountteul 7-gil 고운뜰7길
Gounmaeul 3-gil 고운마을3길
Gounmaeul 4-gil 고운마을4길
Gounmaeul 5-gil 고운마을5길
Gounmaeul 6-gil 고운마을6길
Gounmaeul 7-gil 고운마을7길
Gounmaeul 8-gil 고운마을8길
Gounmaeul 9-gil 고운마을9길