Incheon: 인천광역시

Incheon has one of the busiest and most modern airports in the world. It is also known for its vibrant Chinatown, beautiful beaches, and scenic islands like Yeongjongdo and Ganghwa Island. Incheon is a major port city with a rich history and offers cultural attractions such as the popular Incheon Grand Park.

Incheon Basic Information

  • Special(Metropolitan) City/Province En:

  • Special(Metropolitan) City/Province Ko:


City/County/District in Incheon

City En City Ko
Ganghwa-gun 강화군
Gyeyang-gu 계양구
Namdong-gu 남동구
Dong-gu 동구
Michuhol-gu 미추홀구
Bupyeong-gu 부평구
Seo-gu 서구
Yeonsu-gu 연수구
Ongjin-gun 옹진군
Jung-gu 중구