Yangyang-gun: 양양군

This page is about Yangyang-gun, South Korea. The page lists the sub-administrative divisions of Yangyang-gun, as well as the postcode. You can also view more information through the interactive map.

Yangyang-gun Basic Information

Yangyang-gun Region List

What are the subdivisions in Yangyang-gun? Here is the list of subdivision of Yangyang-gun. You can click the link to get more information.

Town/Village/Neighborhood En Town/Village/Neighborhood Ko
Ganghyeon-myeon 강현면
Seo-myeon 서면
Sonyang-myeon 손양면
Yangyang-eup 양양읍
Hyeonnam-myeon 현남면
Hyeonbuk-myeon 현북면

Yangyang-gun Road List

Here list all the road name in Yangyang-gun. You can check the list page by page, or use the search box at the top of the page and directly enter the road name to search.

Road Name En Road Name Ko
Hwachaebong-gil 화채봉길
Mulchicheon-ro 물치천로
Gangseonjungang-gil 강선중앙길
Gangseonjungang-gil 30beon-gil 강선중앙길30번길
Gangseonjungang-gil 13beon-gil 강선중앙길13번길
Gangseonjungang-gil 21beon-gil 강선중앙길21번길
Gangseongoran-gil 강선골안길
Mulchihang-gil 물치항길
Jangjaeteo-ro 장재터로
Angol-ro 안골로

Yangyang-gun Postal Code List

Here is the list of all the postal code in Yangyang-gun. You can click the link to view all the roads and addresses under the postal code.

Yangyang-gun Map